My name is Irina Macovei and I have recently graduated from Massey Wellingtons spatial design programme (BDes Hons). I am passionate about architecture and design and pursue projects that challenge or enhance our psychological ties to spatial environments. This means that my projects follow an empathetic process of understanding the user experience of the spaces I am working with and how the outcome will impact their lives. I am also interested in urban planning, landscape design and residential design, and have experience working on various graphic design products.
Outside of design I am passionate about nature and animals and have always found it refreshing how green and diverse Wellington city, my home, is compared with other parts of the world. I spent a small stint living in the UK after high school and was shocked by the concrete and brick washed cities, it made me really appreciate how lucky we are here to have such a strong connection to the natural landscape. That being said in my spare time I enjoy walking and immersing myself in Wellington’s nature. I have also been involved in various theatre projects, working as a set designer for Fringe festival plays and a graphic designer for a friend who has started up her own fledgling theatre company (Potentially Playing Productions).
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